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School Board Staff Recommend Closure
of Lincoln

School Board staff are making the following recommendation to the School Trustees:


The Senior Management Leadership Team recommends Lincoln school CLOSE June 30, 2007. And that bus service be provided for one year (2007/08) during the construction of Victoria Drive.


We must encourage the School Trustees to vote against this recommendation at their meeting on Tuesday  February 27, 2007 at Dr. Charles Best Senior Secondary.


Call the school trustees today to ask them to vote against the recommendation from staff.

Read the Complete Report Here

Gail Atly 604-942-4832
Brian Robinson 604-936-2262
Diane Sowden 604-939-8973
Gerri Wallis 604-931-7561
Debra Burton 604-464-2422
John Keryluk 604-942-6832
Mellissa Hyndes 604-209-6995
Keith Watkins 604-469-9117
Holly Butterfield 604-469-2350


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The Parents of Lincoln School are dedicated to work with the School Board and the community to develop solutions to save Lincoln School.



There is only ONE opportunity to present to the School Board Trustees why Lincoln School should remain open.


You MUST pre-register to speak at the meeting

Limited number of speaking time slots sign up today to make sure Lincoln is well represented.

Meeting Details

Date: Feb 20, Time: 7:00pm,
Location: Winslow Ctr. (MAP)

Register to Speak Up

Call or Email Gail Dowler

604-939-9201 ext 261  

Neighbourhood Strategy
Meeting Presentation

Tonight, Dec 19, 2006, 170 residents and children attended Lincoln School to hear the FACTS about the proposed school closure and Solutions to keep Lincoln open. THANK YOU!!

The presentation:

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The handout:

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Save Lincoln School Essay Writing Contest

A chance for our students to speak up.

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How to Get Involved

  1. School District Meetings at Lincoln:
  2. Attend a School Board Meeting or a PAC meeting
  3. Attend the Neighbourhood Strategy Meeting
  4. Invite your neighbours to attend the Neighbourhood Strategy Meeting
    • Even if they don't have children attending Lincoln
  5. Help Deliver Information Flyers to our neighbourhood
  6. Phone the Port Coquitlam School Board Trustees:
    1. John Keryluk: Home Phone # 604-942-6832
    2. Debra Burton: Home Phone # 604-464-2422 or
    3. Contact ALL the school board trustees - Click Here for a list
  7. Write a Letter to the Editor in our local news papers:
    1. Tri-City News: 604-525-6397
    2. The Now: 604-942-4192

To Get Involved or For More Information Contact:

Greg & Erin Moore
Zoe Ricard, PAC Pres.
Nicole Harris